Motherboards are the most important component and the starting point of your new gaming PC so it is vital that you start off your new build with getting the right one, Motherboards do not contribute a great deal to performance themselves, however, some come with brilliant optimization and overclocking tools and the price you are paying can also be the limit to what other components go into your new machine.

As the motherboard is the main component that connects everything together we recommend going with a well-known brand to make sure your machine is as reliable as can be, believe me when I say there is nothing worse having to disconnect every component then rebuild your PC if your motherboard starts having issues.

For gamers we always recommend making sure your budget covers a more expensive motherboard as vital things for gaming like the amount of ram you can have, overclocking or being limited by certain slots or how good the onboard soundcard is can prove vital.

At GamerStuff we have spent thousands of hours researching, reviewing and testing multiple motherboards for many different CPU’s and build’s to ensure our readers have the upper hand when building a new machine.

As more processors arrive we will be sharing our motherboard reviews and keeping our existing motherboard research updated below.

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