How to get the Rust Chippy Arcade


In the last Rust update, they announced a new playable in-game arcade called chippy however it is not craftable by all players.

To be able to craft the arcade you need to own Chippy on steam which is an arcade game from Facepunch studios the makers of rust and you must have played at least 30 minutes of the game, Chippy is available on steam for $14.99.

When you launch the game and connect to the server the arcade will be added to your steam inventory as a non-marketable item, It costs 2 gears and 10 high-quality metal and you need a level 1 workbench to craft it but the good news is anyone you allow to access your base can play it!

Garry from Facepunch did think about being a troll and giving it only to people who have beaten the game but it turns out that so far only one person in the world has completed it and they hate rust!

We decided to head into a server and give it ago, I think it’s pretty cool that they have included high scores for each arcade machine, This certainly gives you and your friends something to do if you’re waiting for something to smelt or craft.

Playing Chippy Arcade on Rust

Some rust faithful players won’t care for this update and probably won’t even bother having an arcade in their base, however, for the hardcore PC gamer, it’s another cool ass feature and the first actual use of a screen in Rust, One step closer to PCs and CCTV in game!

Now you know how to obtain the arcade in Rust will you be having one in your base?

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