League of Legends have never coded the total time played stats into their game like other popular games or gaming platform we are used to.

League has always been a popular game with some people playing mutiple hours a day over many years so it is not surprising that one of the most unanswered questions is “how many hours have i spent on lol” or “time wasted on lol”

Platforms like Steam have had this implemented for years and you can even see how many hours in the last week including total time played on multiple games, Also games like PUBG, Fortnite and Battlefield have always had this coded into there game.

Considering still in 2018 league of legends is the most played game in the world i am sure some of the stats will be mind blowing and for some people eye opening, heck maybe you now do not want to know! but if you do read on as there is a solution!

How to find out how much time you have wasted on lol

Now unfortunately there isn’t an Official way to find out how many hours you have spent on league but where there is a strong community there are always some clever website coders to bring us some excellent tools.

For your stats head over to a website called Wasted on LOL (https://wol.gg/)

They have created an excellent website which has currently been used a massive 8.3 million times and they have even put a leaderboard on the site showing the gamers who have played league the most.

Wasted on lol website

All you need to do to get your time played on league is simply enter your summoners name and click the red button and the site will display how many hours you are not getting back!

One of our GamerStuff staff tried it out for themselves and they currently have 380+ hours in-game! That is nothing compared to the gamers on the leader board with the top 10 all playing over 200 days with some approaching 300 days at the time of writing this article

For some that’s nearly a year of non stop playing league! Madness or heaven! you decide

Let us know in the comments below how long you have spent on league and do you have any regrets in spending that much time on a video game ?


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