Currently some Fortnite players are reporting issues with VOIP not working on various social platforms after the Fornite V2.20 update.

We have tested the game out our self and while some people on the team had there VOIP working in some games it was not, As we confirmed on discord basically you cannot hear your team mates yet they might be able to

Epic games have just tweeted that they are aware of the issue and confirmed it is intermittent which is what we noticed

Update: There was never an official tweet confirming the issues have been fixed but most members are now reporting VOIP is working.

Its a little annoying this has happened on update day but remember this is a free to play game and the devs are usually quite quick and fixing problems with update.

For now we recommend using a service like discord or teamspeak if you have access to a server if you are playing duos or squad.

Apparently this is happening not just on PC but on Xbox One and PS4 so if you are playing on console with friends then we recommend going into a private chat via your consoles VOIP… Otherwise in-game nodding or solos for the time being!

We will keep this thread updated and hopefully there is a fix soon!


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