UPDATE: DrDisRespect Returning in February 

It has only been just over a month since DrDisRespect (Guy Beahm) appeared on stream out of character dropping a bombshell in advising he had been unfaithful, apologising for his actions and advising he was taking some time off to spend with his family.

Since that time Dr’s fans aka the Slick daddy club have been nothing but understanding hoping the Dr and his wife can sort things out and his family are ok, So far since DrDisRespect has been gone many subscribers have remained in the club and his channel has gained over 60,000 new followers.

It seems the wait might be over due to a number of events and strong signs this week signalling that DrDisRespect is due to return extremely soon!

The first strong sign is that during multiple Jackie Price streams this week who is one of the docs moderators confirmed that the Dr is on his way back!

However it seems like the Dr is planning a re-brand to our Slick Daddy club as earlier in the week the “slick daddy club” was amended on his twitter and discord to “the champions club”

DrDisRespect’s Twitter

While a Re-brand or return has not yet been confirmed by the Dr himself there are clear signals that his online activity on steam and discord have increased this week and he even liked the following tweet from his official twitter

So it looks like the Dr will be returning very shortly, We do not think he will announce a return but instead return one night when we least expect it!

Doc!, We look forward to your return thank you for being upfront and transparent to your community and we hope things are good with your family and cannot wait to see you back on our screens soon!

Are you excited for the docs return ? When do you think he will be back ?

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