Dr. Disrespect Announces His Return


Only yesterday in our DrDisRespect Return Imminent article we advised that the Doc was on his way back! The signs was there and his online activity increased since he took his brief hiatus back in the first week of December.

Many fans have been hoping for the Dr’s return after his admission that he had been unfaithful to his wife, However it now looks like thankfully wounds have been mended and the Doc is on his way back

Today DrDisRespect joined by his wife confirmed his return by posting video seen on our youtube channel above on his official twitter

The doc said in the video “I didn’t think I was going to make it out alive, but I did, Ladies and gentlemen, the Doc is coming back. Stronger, buffer, Faster more dominant than ever. We formed a new club; I call it the Champions Club. Doc 2.0. coming soon!”

The camera zooms out and shows fully that a woman is holding a knife to the doctors throat, DrDisrespect says “By the way did i mention my wife is an assassin” the docs wife then gives him a soft dab to the throat” he then says “Correction shes a deadly assassin!”

The video then ends with the date Feb 5th flashing up on the screen confirming the return date of the Doctor!

Maybe Mrs Disrespect will be joining the doctor in streams, That would certainly be good to see!

We cannot wait and we are glad that the doctor has managed to sort things out and return to us! Looking forward to Doc 2.0!


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