Best Motherboard for i7 8700k – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you are about to build a new gaming PC with the Intel i7 8700k you will be wondering what the best motherboard for i7 8700k is at the moment in 2019?

If that’s the case then this guide is for you, Here we have covered which is the best gaming motherboard for this processor and why and also how you can select the best Z390 chipset motherboard for you.

The motherboard is the most important component when building a new gaming PC so it’s important you make the right choice as it can limit what other parts you decide to put in your gaming PC now and in the future.

In this article we are going to look at the best several different options out on the market by comparing their onboard features and other factors you need to consider before making your decision, It is very important to the current and future performance of your new PC that you have a motherboard that allows your CPU to run to its full ability as well as having features like overclocking tools to extend that performance and enough slots for RAM and GPU’s.

Important things to consider before picking a Motherboard

Before we look into the best Z390 Motherboards available let’s look into a few things you should consider before deciding on a motherboard for your new gaming PC, If you have built a machine before then you might want to skip this and get to our top list and reviews below.

  • Processor Compatibility: The most important! For the i7 8700k, you are looking for a Z370 or the new Z390 chipset motherboard, All of the motherboards reviewed in this article are compatible for your processor.
  • Socket: For the Intel i7 8700k you need to have an LGA 1151 socket also known as Socket H4, All the motherboards we have featured below are LGA 1151 Socket
  • Form Factor: This means the dimensions of the motherboard, The most popular and default size is ATX and the most likely you will be building for your gaming PC, Another choice will be the Micro ATX however there is less choice available and maybe some limitations.
  • RAM: When looking for your gaming motherboard you should consider the amount of RAM the motherboard can handle and also the speed of RAM. As a rule of thumb all motherboards should take a minimum of 16GB in my book, however, the more the better I recommend 32GB+ of RAM for a smoother experience.
  • PCI Slots: All of the motherboards we feature have more than enough PCIe x16 slots for your gaming needs, This is where important components like your graphics card will go.
  • SATA Ports: These are important for the about of internal SSD or HDD you can have in your new gaming machine, It’s important to choose a motherboard with a fair about of these so you can have enough storage.


List of The Best Gaming Motherboards for i7 8700k

Motherboard NameChipsetPrice
#ASUS ROG Maximus XI HeroZ390 Check on Amazon
#2 Asus MAXIMUS X HERO Z370Z370 Check on Amazon
#3 GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 7Z370 Check on Amazon
#4 ASUS ROG Strix Z390-EZ390 Check on Amazon
#5 ASUS ROG Strix Z370-EZ370 Check on Amazon

#1 ASUS ROG Z390 Maximus XI Hero (Editor’s Pick)

When it comes to building a new gaming machine and making the important decision of choosing a motherboard I always look first at the ASUS Maximus, It has been my choice for many years now and never fails to disappoint me and most of my gaming friends that keep purchasing the Maximus.

The Asus ROG Maximus hero is the best gaming motherboard for i7 8700k, It has been built for the 8th and 9th generation processors so not only will it be perfect for your i7 8700k now but if you choose in a year or so to upgrade your CPU to the i7 9700k or any other new 9th generation processor then you wont need a new motherboard which makes it future proof.


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