About Us

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Gamerstuff was founded in 2017 to provide the best information to gamers about the latest gaming news and hardware with a few how-to guides here and there usually about games we are personally playing.

We spotted that there was a lot of searches online for newly released gaming products and not much technical knowledge helping gamers make the right decisions in preparation for there new build.

With our technical knowledge and general passion for PC Gaming we look at all the latest hardware and make easy to use comparison tables giving insight to what the pros and cons for our readers might be based on what they are looking for.

A good example of this is our article on: The Best Gaming Motherboards for i7 8700k this article compares the latest Z270 Motherboards for Intel’s latest i7 gaming processor which has already helped over 35,000 readers!

We invest our time researching products and keeping track of the latest games so you do not have to, we look forward to helping you out and hope you get involved by leaving a comment or giving our facebook a like and if you want to get directly in touch you can do so via our contact form.